First waves of the upcoming iPhone 5S hurricane

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The iPhone 5S will be unveiled in September 2013, according to some leaked rumors from Apple headquarters. By that time the cheaper iPhone 5C will be released as well, alongside with the new iPad or iPad mini, which seems to be the results of the struggling that Apple is doing on its way to dominate the market of the new phones for the rest of the year. So it’s for sure that we will get an iPhone 5S and not iPhone 6, and also a cheaper, plastic-backed version called iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S will be progressively upgraded, while the iPhone 5C will probably have similar specifications, as the current iPhone 5. The cheaper 5C model, as we supposed, will be customized to capture the mid-range market, where Apple is currently losing ground to Samsung.


iPhone 5S specifications

The iPhone 5S is likely to be the flagship of the next year, the one that will sell for $200 on a two-year contract from AT&T.

What about hardware specs for the next iPhone 5S? There will be the same dual-core CPU, an upgraded quad-core SGX544MP4 GPU, 2GB of RAM and an IGZO display. Although some sources consider that it would be an A7 CPU with a more powerful GPU. The camera should be improved to 12-megapixels, alongside with a dual-LED flash. Regarding new functionalities, the iPhone 5S will apparently have NFC and a fingerprint reader. New display contrast and levels of viewing angles are expected. The NFC functionality isn’t a surprise, considering the fact that many Android phones have already incorporated it for several years. It was expected for NFC to appear on iPhone 5, but it didn’t, so the next 5S version will for sure provide this feature.

The fingerprint reader is likely to happen since Apple acquired Authentec, a leader in manufacturing fingerprint readers. Why would the iPhone have a fingerprint sensor? It could serve as the phone’s default unlocking mechanism. Apple could create a trusted mobile payment system like that of the Square Wallet, where the customer uses his fingerprint in order to get the money when shopping. It also could be used as a way to enter an office or an apartment.

Apple is also preparing a sapphire glass Home button, with a fingerprint reader underneath it. Sapphire glass is very durable, though probably a bit too heavy. Another option is that Apple will integrate the fingerprint scanning technology into the display. However the rumors in the stories of the dedicated online tech sites does not always equate to the truth.

Another possibility regarding improvements of the actual iPhone system could be the microphone capacity in the iPhone so that Siri detects human voice better and call quality improvement too. Siri will be much improved irrespective of hardware improvements as Apple has improved it in iOS 7.

As for the software part, the iPhone 5S will of course run iOS 7, which will be released for other iOS devices by the same time.

The design of the latest iOS 7 is based on a concept called “flat design” that makes a distinct departure from what consumers are used to see on current iPhones. Flat designs eschew the real-life characteristics of applications in favor of a simpler, more futuristic design concept.

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The iPhone unlocking myths revealed: there is no universal service to unlock any iPhone

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There are a lot of services and apps that claim to be able to unlock any iPhone, no matter what carrier it is connected to, what model, iOS and so on. Meanwhile a lot of them are scam services and don’t provide a real 100% guarantee to unlock an iPhone:


Ultrasn0w unauthorized iPhone unlock

Consider your baseband version first of all: determine your iPhone’s baseband version by opening up your backgrounds app, choosing: General -> About, and scrolling down to “Modem Firmware”. That number equals your baseband edition (a “baseband” is the inferior piece of the iPhone that manages everything concerned antennas, such as phone calls and 3G network). Your device’s actual edition of iOS doesn’t count whilst you’re attempting to unofficially unlock your iPhone with ultrasn0w. The baseband version is the most important component. If you’re fortunate sufficiently to have an ultrasn0w-compatible baseband, you may just install ultrasn0w (look for it in Cydia). After setting up ultrasn0w, you’ll be able to set up SAM to imitate suitable activation for your iPhone.
Unfortunately this universal method has an important limitation: the baseband version of the iPhone. Depending on the model (3G, 4S, 5) the number of “eligible” basebands can vary between 1 and 10 and there are no more alternatives.

Regular iPhone unlock

Try reaching out to your carrier and requiring for your iPhone to be unlocked via a free or paid authorized unlock. (In the U.S.A., carriers generally allow unlocks for out-of-contract iPhones).
Whenever you are able to get an official unlock, it’s better getting it even if you have to pay off for it, because it will represent a more convenient deal than unsanctioned unlocking. A formally-unlocked twist is permanently unlocked, whenever you restore it or update the baseband. Supply your iPhone IMEI number and be diligent during the unlock operation. You will as well accept to provide an e-mail address, wherever the carrier sends out unlock operating instructions.
This method is also restricted by the number of out-of-contract iPhones and by the carrier’s specific statements regarding unlocking. AT&T seems to be less restrictive than other US telecom operators concerning unlocking options.


Unlock by using IMEI

Depending upon your iPhone carrier, you could target a third-party service that can supply an IMEI-based unlock for your iPhone. The service will charge an amount of about $10-100$ hinging upon your carrier and unlocking service. CutYourSim and AppleNBerry are proved services, as well as iProService that is owned by a jailbreak community member, and there are numerous additional alternatives accessible. Simply keep in mind that there are a lot fraud IMEI iPhone unlocking websites. Be careful of any sites providing unlocks for all carriers, because that is not accomplishable today. Also be suspicious of sites that feature taglines such as “full support”, “life updates”, “iOS x compatible” and related twists are generally additional indication the site is not lawful. This sort of unlock acts like an authorized unlock from your carrier – it’s an irreversible unlock that remains no matter if you repair the iPhone and update the baseband.
So the IMEI based unlocking services are often scam players and their provided codes are not working. There’s also a risk to brick the iPhone. It’s not just a limited, but also a dangerous way to try unlocking your iPhone.

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The new features of iOS7 are targeting the jailbreak community

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Apple has been preparing for long time this next generation iOS that came up with some new jailbreak-alike features in order to target the jailbreak market. Apple always has been frustrated by Cydia and its wide jailbreak offer of interesting and free apps. A lot of unsatisfied customers are passing from AppStore to Cydia in order to enjoy unlimited performances granted by the jailbreak. Let’s see what they have “borrowed” from Cydia.


iOS 7 comes with a brand new feature called Control Center, which can be accessed anywhere within the iOS by swiping up at the bottom of the homescreen. Control Center includes some frequently used system toggles such as AirPlane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Orientation Lock. It offers network turn off, flashlight, light, volume, information track and some other functionality. This app has a lot in common with the popular SBSettings jailbreak app. Control Center doesn’t bring any customization but really improves the access to the needed toggles.

Apple has finally enhanced the app switcher in iOS 7, which makes better use of the screen real estate. In iOS 7, by double tapping the Home button, a card-like app is available for preview, by displaying a logo of the app below it. If you don’t have to open the app, you can swipe up on the card to quit it. Apple has moved the music and brightness controls and the orientation lock toggle to the Control Center. Sounds familiar? They took this feature from the popular multitasking and app switcher Auxo.

One of the new features in iOS 7 is the clock icon displaying the real time, as well as the live second hand, which is exactly how works Live Clock jailbreak app. The app is always showing the current time at your device home-screen without needing to enter and check out the clock from inside. The app takes a healthy dose of inspiration from Clockify too, another jailbreak tweak which enabled the live clock-face feature.

iOS 7 comes with two dynamic wallpapers, which have animated bubble shapes flying in the background.  This feature is similar to LiveWallpapers, a jailbreak tweak that allows you to have animated wallpaper on a jailbroken iPhone. iOS 7 dynamic wallpapers provide new 3D effects that change once the device is moved, which is similar to another jailbreak app called DeepEnd. In addition to the dynamic wallpaper feature, iOS 7 also allows you to set panoramic pictures as wallpapers, so you can play with the image by simply tilting your iOS device.

The most missing feature in all pre-iOS 7 versions is the call-blocking. You will finally be able to block phone calls, messages, iMessaging or FaceTime from unwanted calls and numbers in iOS 7, which is also  possible by using the iBlacklist jailbreak tweak.

Another feature of iOS 7 will finally allow you to add as many apps as you want to a folder, which has been possible using InfiniFolders and FolderEnhancer jailbreak apps. As the name suggests, InfiniFolder allows you to put an unlimited number of apps inside a folder. It’s particularly useful if you have plenty of games and have to split them in folders.

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Why Performing an iPhone 5 Jailbreak? Latest Jailbreak Apps

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The process of iPhone 5 jailbreak opens the gate towards the new apps for you to enjoy. Apple is indeed restrictive when it comes to approving apps for AppStore. Most of the developed and posted to Apple Store apps do not make it to the app market. Yet, this unapproved by Apple app could be the one that the user is looking for.


MyWi Free Tethering

mywi tethering jailbreak app

With a jailbroken iPhone 5, you can use the device as a broadband modem that you can connect to your PC or laptop and access the internet. Carriers such as Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless can catch on to shady tethering activity and potentially charge you for it. That’s how you can tether with your iPhone’s data connection for free and share it over WiFi, Bluetooth, or a direct USB connection. And there’s even no need to use a carrier’s WiFi hotspot plan.


Springtomize 2

Springtomize 2 is the enhanced version of Springtomize that should be on each jailbroken springtomize 2 jailbreak tweakiPhone 5. It’s probably one of the most full-featured tweaks available, and it also provides full support for the iPhone 5. The app puts together a lot of jailbreak tweaks into one package. This iPhone 5 tweak helps you hide app icons, add apps to dock, remove folder badges or the carrier’s name in the status bar and so on.



stride jailbreak appiOS only lets you slide to unlock your iPhone, but after performing an iPhone 5 jailbreak, you can add customizable gestures to a lock screen through this app. You just have to set your unique password to your iPhone 5 to unlock it with a specific gesture you created. Stride performs better even than Android’s implementations of the same feature and provides a cool look to your iPhone. The app allows an extra level of security and the ability to unlock your iPhone 5 if you forget what your gesture was.



With Zephyr you can use new swiping gestures to easily switch between opened iPhone 5 zephyr jailbreak tweakjailbreak apps and the app switcher. A swipe gesture can be configured to quickly show the app switcher without double tapping the Home button. The app’s settings let you set how many fingers you want to use for each gesture. You can disable gestures in certain apps, like a game where you don’t want to accidentally swipe out of while you’re playing. The perfect partner for Auxo, Zephyr lets you launch the multitasking tray, switch between iPhone 5 apps and return to the home screen all with the flick of a finger. It is available for $5 in Cydia.



Dreamboard jailbreakWhile Winterboard lets you do all of the customization capacity in just one app, Dreamboard is a new app to help you make your iPhone look like an Android device. DreamBoard allows to easily apply an Android OS theme to your iDevice. This places a calendar and weather widget at the top of the Home screen, and app icons at the bottom. Dreamboard uses a little bit more memory than Winterboard though.



Flex is one of the most interesting new jailbreak apps on Cydia that encourages you to Flex jailbreak appperform an iPhone 5 jailbreak. It’s like a little development platform allowing developing tweaks for any app without the need of being a programmer. If you want to remove an app widget or a function, to add a brand new functionality to an existing app, Flex is the right answer. If you’re aware of any mistakes you could do by using Flex to your iPhone 5, consider that it’s easy to remove any tweaks you’ve developed in Flex, and you can always return to default apps after uninstalling Flex.

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How Velox lets you use iPhone apps from the homescreen

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Velox is a Jailbreak app that seems to being reinvented the wheel pretty well. This over rated jailbreak tweak became available in Cydia some days ago and seems to be one of the most original and well done jailbreak tweaks.

Velox jailbreak app

Velox makes your homescreen the way you’ve always wished it to be. Its icons can be opened by simple and quick gestures that allow you to interact with the applications without being needed to completely open them. Swiping on an app icon displays a drop-down menu that’s alike to the stock folder animation. From that menu, all notifications can be managed. This works on any iOS application that is able to interact with Notification Center. This operation has never really been implemented in a jailbreak app before.

The advantages of Velox lie in the availability of Apple’s native apps options:

- Messages icon lets you compose a new message and reply to unread messages without entering the Messages app itself.
- Notes icon lets you create a quick note.
- Mail icon shows all of your unread emails on the homescreen. Swipe left on each email to dismiss it, or swipe right to write a reply.
- Camera app works really nice on Velox. Swiping on the Camera icon lets you quickly take a photo, which can be quickly posted on Twitter, Facebook, or added to email or messages.
- Calendar icon displays all events and alerts.
- Weather icon displays a shrunken view of the weather app.
- Safari icon lets you browse the web inside the drop-down menu.
- Music app’s icon gives you access to a mini-player.
- Settings icon gives you instant access to main system toggles, such as WiFi and Bluetooth.

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Newest jailbreak apps of 2013

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The beginning of 2013 brought a lot of new tweaks on the jailbreak market (Cydia), most of which are likely to compete against Google Play apps and support the Apple – Android war. Let’s see the most popular ones:



JellyLock is a tweak that adds a bit of Android style to your Apple device (iPhone or iPod). Troll your friends by pretending you have an Android device instead of an Apple one!

Chat Heads

The Facebook app’s biggest new feature is the Chat Heads. While Android OS allows for the Chat Heads to appear anywhere, the iOS version supports Chat Heads only within the Facebook app. That’s why jailbreak developers managed to create a new tweak to allow Chat Heads to appear throughout the iOS.


This new jailbreak app adds more features to your camera grabber. Grabby adds four icons and a slider to open any application. Now the user is able to select any application he wants to open using the grabber icons. Very stylish and useful app!

Protect Photos

This app easily sets passwords to protect your photos from anybody. Protect Photos also allows the user to set a password for using camera or any other app on the iDevice. This security app is available for free on Cydia.


Velox is a new jailbreak app allowing interacting with apps directly on your homescreen without actually leaving it. It saves a lot of time and there’s no hassle to always switching between apps.


This new tweak allows launching the lock screen. Once installed, this new jailbreak app adds a few app shortcuts to the lock screen. By using the Settings app, the user has the ability to fill each shortcut position with his favorite apps. Atom has a simple layout and a lot of smooth animations.

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Best GPS navigation jailbreak apps

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The jailbreak community released several free or almost free apps allowing to improve the GPS navigation experience using your iPhone. Here are some of the most famous ones.




This new Cydia navigation app, AssistantLove, integrates Siri with several famous GPS and music streaming apps, such as Spotify. The best functionality of AssistantLove is the GPS integration. Siri usually brings up to the user the stock Maps app that only provides a list of directions without navigation. AssistantLove allows you to pick from many popular GPS applications that provide navigation. The user can use voice command, such as “navigate to New Plaza,” and Siri will open TomTom, Navigon, Waze or MotionX-GPS with the needed directions. Android devices have integrated voice control with Google Navigation, but iOS still miss this feature. Even if AssistantLove costs $2 in Cydia, many Spotify lovers and navigation geeks will find this app to be priceless.

Navigate From Maps

The use of third party turn-by-turn GPS applications (such as Waze) on iPhone, doesn’t allow the user just to click on location addresses and open them up. Navigate from Maps is a jailbreak tweak that provides turn-by-turn navigation one tap away. Some applications (such as Yellow Pages) will let the user to open addresses in any application. But most of the apps only open location addresses in the default Maps application. Navigate from Maps adds a small button into the built-in Maps app, which allows the user to open an address in any navigation app installed on iPhone.

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GridLock alternative for iOS 6

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gridlock_alternativeJailbreak gives you the possibility to completely modify the iPhone interface. Since Gridlock is not compatible with iOS 6 so far, here are some alternatives that will help the Jailbreak user to arrange icons as he wants.

iBlank – the best Gridlock alternative for iOS 6, is an easy to use app that allows to create blank icons on your iPhone’s SpringBoard. With this great app, you can make blank icons and line up your icons exactly as you want. Use it also to customize the look of the springboard. iBlank creates “blank icons” on the SpringBoard, these icons are invisible and have no functionality. All that you need to do if you want to create a blank icon is to open the app and select the Create a Blank Icon button at the bottom of the page.

iEmpty – another Gridlock alternative for iOS, which is actually not a genuine jailbreak app. With iEmpty, the apps can be arranged in any order on your iPhone. The app creates gaps between individual app icons. So you are able to set free fields between the icons of the apps. This effect can be created by small but ingenious detours on devices without jailbreaking.

AlwaysArrange – a free Gridlock Alternative Tweak from Cydia. If you want to handle the lengthy procedure of the Home screen appearance, “AlwaysArrange” is a good way to do that. To rearrange icons on the SpringBoard, you would normally have to long-press the icon till it starts to wiggle and then place it wherever you want. The configuration option is in the Settings app. You can download AlwaysArrange from the ModMyi repo.

EasyRearrange – a new Cydia tweak that allows you to easily rearrange all your SpringBoard icons. In order to move icons on the home screen press and hold the icons and place them where you want. You can download this tweak from Cydia store via the BigBoss repository for free.

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Get the most famous jailbreak games on your iPhone!

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One of the coolest advantages of the jailbreak is to provide a lot of fun to the users, especially through the games that become available after jailbreaking:

Grand Theft Auto – yep, Vice City is back… on iPhones: visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models, HD quality resolution, custom controls for iPhone device and many other enhancements will bring you back in the world of GTA.



iPhysics - is a popular game based on geometric shapes. You play different levels of puzzles. The main game logic is to use different tactics to move the blue circle to meet the red square using the gravity and objects that you draw. iPhysics uses the motion sensors in the device and works on iPhone and iPod touch.

Super Mario – Mario games need no introduction, the same simple yet interactive and interesting play, which makes them ideal for iPhone adaptation. The game splits the screen in half with the playing section at the top and the controls at the bottom.

Tap Tap Revolution - if you are a fan of Dance Revolution fix, this would be the game for you to play. Tap Tap Revolution is a native iPhone or iPod touch game. You play by keeping your taps in synch with the playing music. Tap to the beat when the lights hit the bottom line. The game has a new feature which lets the user to download songs of random artists over the iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection. The user can download and install the game using

Nes4iPhone - is more a gadget that relives the glory days of the original Nintendo with this polished NES emulator for iPhone. This jailbreak game play is easy and fast just as a regular NES console. With nes4iphone the user can choose the orientation of the game on a jailbroken device if portrait or landscape, if with sound or not, and other options.

ParkingLot - is a puzzle game where you try to move out the yellow car from the parking lot. There are multiple parking lot packs available to keep the fun coming. This jailbreak game is nice considering there’s a lot of beautiful graphics and levels.

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The new iOS 6.1 jailbreak is live!

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As expected, Apple released iOS 6.1 on January 28th, and based on the users’ stats, nearly 50% of iOS users upgraded to iOS 6.1 in the last week.

However the users claimed a lot of bugs to be present in this new iOS, hence suggesting that Apple could have spent more time for the release of iOS 6.1. Among the worst features they were claiming bad iOS 6.1 battery life, cell signal problems and an auto-brightness feature that doesn’t work as well as on the previous OS.



A jailbreak solution for the new iOS 6.1 version has been released yesterday, on 04/02/2013, for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. It is an iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak (meaning that users can install it on their iPhone and they don’t have to worry about a dead battery or restart requiring them to connect to a computer and jailbreak the device again) that is compatible with Windows (XP, 7 and Vista), OS X (10.5 and higher), as well as Linux (x86 / x86_64). Most of Apple’s latest devices can run iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, and the new 6.1. Unlike previous jailbreak software, this one works on all of them once they have been updated to the new iOS. A backup is necessary first to ensure you won’t lose any data in case something goes wrong, the lock passcode must be disabled too. The iOS 6.1 jailbreak porcess should only take about five minutes, but you don’t open up iTunes or Xcode while it is running.

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